A Brief Sabbatical…

“An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea.”  Buddha

Hi there blog readers! I hope you’re having a great weekend. I’ve got a lot of exciting things going on this week, and I’m going to be busy, busy, busy! For the first time in my life, I’m trying to really recognize my limits, and therefore have decided to take a week off from blogging. It was a hard conclusion to come to and I will probably not know what to do with myself, but for the sake of my sanity (and some deadlines), it is for the best. The good news is, I’m hoping to come back with some exciting new posts, including bringing back an old favorite, and hopefully having time to do some much needed updates to the blog.

And in the meantime, you can fill the void by checking out my favorite summer DIY project, these embellished sunglasses (forgive the early blogger formatting errors). And if you’re in the Columbus area, check out Columbus Rocks The Cure this Saturday and see the collection I’ve been co-designing.


I’ll see you next week!



Pinspiration: My Imaginary Parisian Wedding (also titled Help Me!)



I got engaged on New Year’s Eve 2012. My fiance is the kind of guy who’s very quietly romantic and much to my happiness his proposal was in the same fashion. He had intended to take me to a dinner reservation, but when he ended up having to work much later than expected, the plans kind of got squashed. So anyway, he picked me up very late with a bottle of champagne. We grabbed some burgers (fancy, huh?) and went to the top of this parking garage near our apartment to watch fireworks. We went there mainly because there wasn’t enough time to do anything else, but it turned out to be so lovely because we had a great vantage point for the fireworks and we had the entire place to ourselves.

I had known that he was going to propose, but in the back of my head I thought maybe he wouldn’t because the evening was not nearly as “romantic” as planned. He kind of gave it away though because he kept watching the clock for the right moment to play this song he had in mind. Anyone who knows Zach knows he had to soundtrack his proposal, which is one of the many reasons he’s the right guy for me. Anyway, he played the song and we slow danced in the snow, drinking champagne from plastic cups, and then finally he said some beautiful things and asked me. And for all of it’s simplicity and lack of glamour, it’s hands down one of my favorite days of my life.

Fast forward to 18 months later and I now have every last wedding detail accounted for and we are getting married. Just kidding, I literally haven’t planned one single thing. We were thinking about a relatively small, DIY-style wedding after a long and leisurely engagement, and all of that was perfect in my book. But then both my dad and my fiance lost their jobs around the same time and any small thought, along with the small wedding fund we had saved, flew out the window.

Now before you cry for me, Argentina, both the guys are back on their feet but after a hard year, but our wedding budget is currently $0.00 and our plans are just stuck. I’m not able to plan an actual wedding (even a small/informal one), but I’m also not sold on the whole elopement thing (and currently can’t even afford that).

So I obviously need help. Tell me about your experience. Did you go to the courthouse and it was the best decision you’ve ever made? Was your wedding day so magical that you think I should carry on the good fight or live a life of regret? Are you just a cat surfing the web but even you think I need to at least plan a getaway elopement? I don’t care if we’ve never even met before, put your two cents right on in. All thoughts, comments, personal experiences, advice, etc., is invited begged for in the comments section.

And in the meantime, please behold my carefully curated (and entirely imaginary) Pinterest wedding

Looking forward to your sage advice! :)


Top 10… Glam Clutches Under $100!

Nothing ups the ante of an outfit like an eye-catching clutch. It adds an instant cool factor whether your wearing a floor-length gown or jeans and a t-shirt. It can also be really freeing to ditch the massive carryall that you have to dig through just to find a pen. But my all-time favorite thing about these handheld treasures? You can score some really amazing ones without spending a fortune. Here are my current favorites for under $100…



1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10


Where’s your favorite place to find a great clutch? Let’s spread the love in the comments section!


Random Weekly Roundup #39

I’m running a little late on my regular roundup. I don’t have a great reason accept I’ve basically just been working life away. I’m co-designing a mini collection for an upcoming charity fashion show that’s inspired by punk rock. I’m really excited to be involved in such a cool event. I’ll share the illustrations with you and some updates on that soon, but for now I’ll leave the content to the people who are probably actually living their lives. Here are my internet faves this week…



1  My sisters and I have been playing with the idea of getting sister tattoos and this collection of delicate ink jobs is the perfect inspiration. (Le Fashion)  |  2  Jenny Packham is a long-time favorite of mine and her Resort 2015 look book is as romantic and beautiful as I had hoped. (Fashionising)


3  I’m a massive fan of the commemorative collage art, Enemies Yay, by Melbourne illustrators Laura Blythman and Peter Cromer. Simple, happy, and very impactful. (The Design Files)  |  4  And the quest continues for the perfect festival hair (or everyday hair, as I call it). This is a great tutorial complete with a DIY wave spray that I really want to try. (A Beautiful Mess)


5  I want to see every one of these must see summer movies, especially Boyhood, which was shot over a 12-year period. He’s LITERALLY growing up on film! That in itself is amazing, but you have to see the rest of the list because there’s a lot more amazing where that came from. (Nylon)


And so much more…

29 hair-styling hacks you may not have seen yet. (Buzzfeed)

The latest in Columbus food awesomeness. (Be Up & Doing)

I want all of these! And they’re for a great cause. (Who What Wear)

A beautiful way to do denim-on-denim. (Lacy Rose)

And the perfect summery peach and bronze makeup tutorial. (Cupcakes & Cashmere)

I’m an ISFJ, what are you? (16 Personalities)

A look back at Princess Diana’s stylish life. (Latest Wrinkle)

The highlights from Haute Couture Week. (StyleList)

Self-help advice from the master. (Oprah)


What’s on your summer movie list? Tell me that and more in the comments. Happy week everyone! :)


July Wishlist: Workin’ On My Fitness

I don’t know about you guys but to even think about losing weight I have to work hard. Like military regimen hard. I don’t talk about it much on here but I have an auto-immune disease that has wiped out my thyroid completely- that handy little thing that controls important weight-related things like your energy level and metabolism. So for me it’s an uphill battle all of the time for even the tiniest result.

Some months are harder than others, but lately I’ve been so grateful to be enjoying a stretch of feeling well and being motivated to work out. And since I also get stretches of feeling horrible, whenever I’m in the upswing I try to run with it as long as I can. This past month or so I’ve been trying not to miss any workouts and usually double up on days, doing both a half-marathon walking program and my newest obsession POP Pilates by Cassey of Blogilates. I love her personality and the wide variety of videos keep it really entertaining.

I’m loving my programs, but I’ve realized lately just how badly I need to upgrade my gear. Here’s what’s on my workout wishlist this month…



yoga mat | tee | sports bra | fitbit | pants | water bottle | sneakers


Hallelujah for a sports bra with clasps and under wires! And how amazing is that yoga mat?! There are several other patterns of the magic carpet mat at Anthropologie through the link above. And while we’re talking yoga, I have to confess that I really love meditation but can never get into any kind of regular routine with it. I love the idea in theory, but in reality I find it much too hard to turn away from my to-do list to literally do nothing for 20 minutes.

Anyone else have this problem? And if so, have you tried the Insight Timer app?…


iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 2


It’s apparently a guided meditation app that shows the activity of others with scores and awards milestones reached, making it a hit among the competitive, goal-oriented people who are generally more high-strung than your average ohm-er. So long story short, who wants to join with me and watch while I crush you in mental clarity? ;)


Do you use any of the products above? Give me your good, bad, and ugly reviews in the comments section!




What to Wear to a Summer Wedding: Mad Men Style

Sometimes dressing for a wedding in the middle of the summer can be tricky. For one, there are obvious codes of dress (modesty, formality, etc.) that need to be recognized. So not only do you have to meet those guidelines, but you also have to come up with something suitable for the hot and humid weather and that you haven’t already worn to two other weddings this season.

It can be easy to get into a rut, throwing on the same style you always go for or just wearing your most wedding-appropriate work dress. And I get that. But sometimes a little push into a different style direction can make a great celebration all the more memorable.

This year I’ve found some perfect wedding inspiration in the fabulously-styled ladies of Mad Men (seriously, what will I do when the show ends this season?!). There’s a reason we all love the costumes on this show so much: they’re timeless. They’re also incredibly varied. So whether you’re a traditionalist like Betty or a vixen like Joan, there’s a look here for your own personal style.


dress | eyeliner | necklace | bag | shoes

Megan has been the obvious style star for the past couple of seasons and her recent move to L.A. has only amplified it. Every bit the trendsetter, her look is chic and ahead of its time. She shows lots of legs and sports some major winged-out liner. This look is perfect for the wedding-goer who wants to look flirty and catch some attention!


earrings | dress | lip balm | shoes | bag

For as flawed as she is, anyone who’s been invested since Season 1 has to love Betty. Her style is feminine and classic, never straying very far from the 50s-era silhouettes. It’s rare that Betty isn’t seen in a pastel or a floral, or both, and she’s always polished from head to toe. This is the perfect look for a classic girl who wants to impress her date just as much as her grandmother.


dress | bracelet | lipstick | bag | shoes

Though she’s not generally considered the show’s fashion icon, Peggy’s style is both modern and daring. She defies the fashion rules of the times, opting for menswear-inspired prints and colors in mod silhouettes. This graphic drop-waist dress with t-shirt sleeves is perfect for the girl who wants to look cute and standout while remaining comfortable and casual.


earrings | dress | lip polish | shoes | bag

If there’s one thing Joan knows for sure, it’s how to dress to catch a man’s eye. She knows that the best way to show off her assets are in figure-hugging silhouettes and vivid jewel tones, and she rarely strays from that combination. A classic fitted dress with sexy accessories are perfect for the girl who is always on the prowl.


dress | earrings | illuminator | bag | shoes

Though far from the obvious choice, another standout for me this season is Margaret, aka Marigold. Her move to the hippie commune (while much dirtier than I would recommend) has brought out the most beautiful glowing quality to a girl I barely noticed in prior seasons. Embrace your inner hippie glow in a easy summer maxi made wedding-ready with glitzy gold accessories and some bronze shimmer.
So which Mad Men lady’s style would you steal? I’m always a sucker for the bohemian look, but I’m surprised to say I have to go with Peggy on this one. Tell me whose look you love and whose you don’t  in the comments section!

Random Weekly Roundup #38

I hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend! Maaaan, was mine busy! Aside from the normal holiday fare, our family had 3 big birthday parties, so our days were jam-packed. I was so thankful that we had the most perfect cool weather. I think it was the most pleasant Ohio’s ever had on the 4th. And as an “out-of-towner,” it’s always nice to get to see my entire family at once. Life was good, my friends.

Here are some other things I think were pretty good this week…


1  I always have a hard time feeling inspired about summer clothing so I was especially excited to see all of the unexpected warm weather ideas in the Rebecca Minkoff Resort 2015 look book. (Fashionising)  |  2  Speaking of inspiration, these watercolor invites make me want to paint everything fuchsia and orange. (Enjoy It by Elise Blaha Cripe)



3  A peek into the homes of the coolest women around for ideas on how to decorate like an It girl. (Domino)  |  4  London blogger Will Taylor of Bright Bazaar in an engagement shoot that melts my heart. So, so sweet. (Style Me Pretty)



Two new illustrators to obsess over. On left, the London-based, impeccably detailed Marcel George (I Love Illustration), and on right, Paul Ferney in his impressionistic pop up collection for Furbish Studio (Oh Happy Day!).

More stuff…

A perfectly pretty summertime dessert. (Chic in Columbus)

Love this behind-the-scenes look at the making of a Brahmin bag. (Stripes & Sequins)

A seriously beautiful Instagram account (and blog!). (Girl About Columbus)

I so badly want to make (and eat) these. (High Heels and Glittering Eyes)

A chic and totally doable guest room update. (The Hunted Interior)

How have I lived life without these earrings?! (Gal Meets Glam)

Are you loving any of these links? Shout it out in the comments and let’s chat!


Currently: July




Working on a punk-inspired runway collection for Columbus Rocks the Cure, a fashion and music event started by my friend (and cancer survivor) Amee Bell-Wanzo, who also happens to be co-designing the collection with me.

Reading about dieting for your blood type. I’ve been slowly gaining weight since I quit eating gluten a couple years ago and someone recently mentioned to me that corn (which I now eat more of) can be an issue for weight loss. Anyone else follow a blood type diet? I’m collecting opinions/advice if so. I do, however, still need to figure out my blood type, which puts this on repeat in my head…


Watching ridiculously bad tv (aka my favorite kind) while all of the “regular” shows are on break for the summer. Thank god Teen Mom 2 comes back on this month. :)

Listening  to Bleachers. I Wanna Get Better is my favorite car song right now- full blast and singing at the top of my lungs. I’m having a bit of a Jack Antonoff musical crush happening at the moment, probably because he’s amazing. He made this album (due out July 15th) while touring with Fun, saying it just existed within him. I can’t wait to see what else he’s got existing in there!


Taking time to try and get through my summer reading list. The Fault In Our Stars (as if anyone hasn’t read it yet) is a perfect short read. And by short I mean you’ll read it nonstop for two days.

Eating cookout food! With four family birthdays this weekend I’m getting my fair share of burgers, fresh fruit, and homemade ice cream. By the way, does everyone eat cucumbers and onions (as in the dressed-in-vinegar side dish), or is that a regional-specific kind of thing? We LOVE them! 

Thinking about how quickly my nephew is growing up. He’s turning five this weekend and even though he talks like he’s 35 (he told me the fireworks “were like a mirage”) I still can’t believe it.


Wearing all my new Stella & Dot jewelry! I’ve seriously never loved a brand so much! Also, I’m doing Dean Street Society’s #stylemejuly Instagram challenge. Follow me and let’s play along together!

Planning lessons for YMCA camp and drafting future design ideas in my head.

Feeling happy to be around my family!


What is your life looking like currently? Choose a topic (or all of them!) and tell me what you’re up to this month!



Fashion Illustrated: American Girl


Happy 4th of July!


So I’ve been wanting to share fashion illustrations on the blog for a long time, but I keep running into the same problem- there’s never any time to actually work on fashion illustrations! So this isn’t technically one of them, I just kind of threw this together in the wee hours of last night using just a few Sharpies (I usually use watercolors). But I wanted to give you a little (rough) sneak peak of what’s to come and of something that I hope will be a regular facet on the blog. And also because she’s just super festive to celebrate the holiday!

As I’ve mentioned before, the 4th of July is my dad’s and his dad’s (my grandpa’s) birthday, so it’s a pretty big deal for us. I was thinking today about what that would be like- to share your birthday with not only your father (or son), but also the whole nation.

Like anything, I imagine there are pros and cons. On the pro side, it’s a guaranteed celebration with great food, lots of people, and, oh yeah, an AMAZING FIREWORKS DISPLAY! But on the other hand, I know at least as far as my dad goes, he does the same exact thing for his birthday every. Single. Year. Without fail, for his entire life. He’s never had a cowboy-themed birthday party with a bunch of his little friends over to hit a boot pinata. No, his theme has always been predetermined: American Family Cookout. But I guess I would trade in a lack of variety for what might feel like the most special and honored day of the year. Yep, the pros win this round!

Here are a few celebrities that were also share this glorious date of birth:

Nathaniel Hawthorne, 1804

Calvin Coolidge, 1872

Gloria Stuart, 1910

Eppie Lederer (Ann Landers) and Pauline Phillips (Dear Abby), 1918

Neil Simon, 1927

Koko (the sign language gorilla), 1971

Becky Newton, 1978

And the grand finale…

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, 1982


Now lets sound off in the comments section! Tell me- what’s your favorite thing about America?

I’ll start you off with mine- Hollywood! The world may be growing increasingly smarter, wealthier, and more powerful than us, but no country can hold a candle to our entertainment industry. And cheeseburgers. Yep, Hollywood and cheeseburgers.


I hope you all have a great holiday!


Top 10 Tuesday… It’s in the Bag (Inside of Your Other Bag)

If I’m being generous with myself, I could say I’m a fairly organized person. I used to work as a visual merchandiser and that has rubbed off a lot in my daily life. My shower products all face label out, my books are color coded, my necklaces hang on hooks separated by style- bohemian, vintage, etc. But in all my years on the planet I have never been able to keep an organized bag. For some reason, when I’m out and about, it’s a complete free-for-all. Receipts, makeup, loose change all form a tight gang deep in the depths of my bag.

I was thinking about this need to change my bag lady ways when that very day I saw this post on Cupcakes & Cashmere and also had a meeting with a woman who was using the same exact method: a bag for inside of your bag. A clutch or makeup bag that holds all of the essentials that you need that can just be transferred to whatever bag you’re carrying that day. Not only does this eliminate the dreaded ringing phone scavenger hunt, it also keeps the inside of your bag impeccably clean and makes it really easy to swap bags daily.

Here’s what I’m keeping in mine…


1. The perfect lip trifecta- chapsticklipstick, and lip gloss. A chapstick for emergency moisture (and preferably some SPF, like the Baby Lips above) and some color to easily go from day-to-night. I personally like a nude/pink lipstick (Airy Fairy from Rimmel is my favorite) and a bright gloss (like this Boots Lip Glace in Jelly Bean) to have a range of color options.

2. Concealer- for emergency touch-ups.

3. Tampons- because whether you or someone else needs them, you’ll never regret that you had a couple in your bag.

4. Band-Aids- perfect for a pair of blistery shoes or a screaming kid.

5. Gum or Mints- because if you don’t have them it’s practically guaranteed you’ll find yourself in close quarters with garlic breath, and nobody comes out a winner in that situation.

6. Pain Reliever- for me, migraines usually occur when I’m out and about, surrounded by noise and fluorescent lighting. And again, it’s always good to be able to share with a friend in need.

7. Protein Bar- being gluten-free, it’s not always easy to find a snack on the go. Plus it’s good to be prepared because if you wait to snack until you’re starving, your decisions aren’t usually at their best. Kind, Luna Protein, and Zone Perfect bars are some of my favorites.

8. Bobby Pins and Hair Elastics- I’d love to tell you about how my hair stays the way I fixed it all day and never expands into a wild lion’s mane but that, my friends, would be a lie. Basic blonde bobby pins and black Scunci hair ties are must-haves.

9. Travel-sized Fragrance- a roller ball perfume is a good way to feel fresh (and generally more dressed up) fast. Philosophy Pure Grace is my all-time favorite fragrance, but even the free samples from the fragrance counters would work great.

10. Lotion and Hand Sanitizer- keeping your hands moisturized and germ-free is never a bad thing. My hands seem to be native to the Sahara Desert and need a TON of moisture. Aveeno, in my opinion is the best brand for the job. And you can’t beat Bath & Body Works endless amount of fragrance options. Not to mention both of these cost between $1-$2.

*Bonus: an ultra-fab clutch to store your essentials (mine, seen here, is from Stella & Dot).

So there you have it! All you have to do is gather your essentials into a cute small bag, throw it in you bag with your wallet, keys, and phone, and you’re good to go! No more digging endlessly for your lip gloss or throwing off your outfit because you don’t have time to swap out everything in your purse.


But now tell me, what’s in your essentials kit? Tell me what I’m missing in the comments sections!


Plus, it’s that time again to spread the positive vibes with Buttons and Birdcages‘ Link up the Love! Here’s a few of my favorite folks this week!

1. My dad has been through more stress than most people can handle in the past several years, but he never lets it get him down. He has the most upbeat and generous personality of anyone I’ve ever known. I hope I have even some of that in me. :)

2. A woman at work tried a pretty dramatic new haircut and it looks so good! I know she was nervous about it which makes me even more happy for her.

3. I can’t imagine it’s always fun to work at a grocery store, but the people at my local Kroger are always so nice. I want to make it a point to give more positive customer comments at all of my regular stops.

Have some love to share? Feel free to add your own in the comments or through the link-up!















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