Random Weekly Roundup #48

I had another week of catching up on life post-sickness and simultaneously falling behind on blogging. For those of you who are along for this ride with me, keep hanging in there! It’s getting back to normal (and hopefully better than normal) very soon! But for now, let us celebrate the good people of the internet who spent their week actually making valuable content…



1  I love this simple and easy update for your fall denim. (I Spy DIY)  |  2  And as if her life doesn’t seem perfect enough already, LC’s InStyle home tour is absolutely gorgeous. Full of inspiring design ideas. (Lauren Conrad)



3  Love this 5-year-old artist who demonstrates the strengths of the autistic mind. (Bored Panda)  |  4  This china really motivates me to have a wedding registry… (A Piece of Toast)


5  I just realized I wasted my whole life not being this 11-yr-old girl.


And some more, in case you missed them…

Life advice on all topics according to Lena Dunham. (Who What Wear)

I love a good spaghetti squash bake. (I Heart Vegetables)

I want to DIY this jacket and download this app. (Into the Gloss)

I’m really feeling the Ralph Lauren Polo vibe for fall. (The Zoe Report)

And can you believe how gorgeous this (affordable) coat is? (H&M)


What’s your favorite link of the week? Leave a comment and let’s chat! 


The Ultimate Fall Style Muse: Ali MacGraw in “Love Story”

I very clearly remember seeing Love Story for the first time because I had just moved to Columbus to start at OSU and didn’t know a soul. My apartment didn’t have cable or internet for like a week, so not only was I alone, but my only distraction was a book of old DVDs I had borrowed. And maybe it was going to campus or how beautiful Columbus is during the fall months, but something about that movie and that time in my life really clicked and made a huge impact on me. Not to mention that Ali MacGraw’s wardrobe is the most quintessentially “fall” look to ever grace the big screen. And while her style in the film is classic, it’s also never been more on-trend than this season. Pieces like varsity sweaters, loafers, and even the artist formerly known as the turtleneck, are back and better than ever. Here, my take on preppy, collegiate fashion…




sweater  |  glasses  |  pants  |  hair gloss  |  illuminator  |  earrings  |  shoes  |  bag


Aren’t those pieces luxe-looking? Can you believe everything, even the shoes and bag, are under $100?! Same thing in this next look, but this time with a little color…



turtleneck  |  top  |  hat  |  scarf  |  brow kit  |  tights  |  skirt  |  boots


I’d love to ask what you think of these back-to-school looks, but the more pressing issue here is this: do you agree with me that the movie’s tagline (love means never having to say you’re sorry) is the dumbest line in movie history? Let’s talk about this (and about how much our significant others have to apologize) in the comments section. ;)



Random Weekly Roundup #47

Oh man, I hope you all had as great of a weekend as I did! Mine was spent in Dayton with my family celebrating the birthdays of two of the cutest ladies, Zach’s grandma for her 80th and my niece for her 3rd. Needless to say, my adorable quota has been filled. :)

But just getting back into town means I’m also writing this at 2 am, so I’ll cut to the chase and spare you my thoughts on life and love. I will instead let the links do the talking…



1  A cute idea for inspiring a break from your go-to hair styles. (Buzzfeed)  |  2  This article is so pin-worthy/drool-worthy that I could barely select a picture. The colors! (Desire to Inspire)


3  A cool concept: artist examines the before and after photos of musicians to speculate on the “performance high” and whether or not it is a myth. (Bored Panda)



4  A styling lesson from the queen of the sleeve cuff herself.


The rest of the menu…


I love Moroccan wedding blankets and have no idea how I haven’t thought of this gorgeous DIY before. (House of Earnest)
50 things you probably didn’t know about Sex and the City. (Buzzfeed)
Such a charming studio space. (Decor8)
This local company is combining art, politics, and t-shirts. (Pouvoir)
Palette knives are my new favorite tool. (Alisa Burke)
Editorially curated looks featuring Target pieces. (The Zoe Report)
Crustless Apple Pie- just yes, please. (A Beautiful Mess)
George Harrison is so Spring 2015. (De Lune)
If the question is what will my imaginary child wear for Halloween, then the answer is definitely this. (Oh Happy Day)
So happy to be included in the #OhioLove project. (This Ohio Life)
And finally- The. Best. Coat. (Who What Wear)


What was your favorite link this week?

Splurge v. Steal: Fall Boot Faceoff

Nothing says fall fashion like a fresh pair of boots. It’s like the second I get a whiff of the season’s first pumpkin spice latte there’s sensory overload in my brain, with every messenger firing off one thought- BUY BOOTS! But here’s the catch- boots can be expensive and this girl is on a budget. So the question becomes, how can you keep your ankles and calves happy while making sure to get the most sartorial bang for your buck? In my opinion, it’s all about focusing not only on style, but also versatility and comfort, which for the sake of this post means black and with a sturdy heel. Boots like these can be used to upgrade so many looks, day or night, and can carry you all the way through winter. Now the problem is just deciding which one…



splurge  |  steal

Black leather over-the-knee boots sound way too sexy for everyday life, but in a sleek, flat style the look is toned down and daytime appropriate.



splurge  |  steal

This mod style is so on-trend and the block-style heels are comfortable enough for all-day wear.



splurge  |  steal

Comfortable and tough with a touch of luxe, these boots would give any outfit an added dose of cool.



splurge  |  steal

A preppy and polished take on the trendy Chelsea booty, the loafer style is a perfect nostalgic take on back-to-school fashion.


What boots are on your wishlist this season?


September Wishlist: Cozying Up to Fall

Sorry for a general lack of posting lately. I have been so sick for almost two weeks and all I want to do all day is sleep. I always get hay fever/allergies this time of year, but man, this fall is really beating me up. But even though it is literally making me sick, it’s still my favorite season because I love the fact that the weather seems to be coaxing my exhausted self to cuddle up in some cozy socks and a soft throw aka my happy place. In fact, this month’s wishlist is coming to you straight from my big arm chair with an Autumn Spice candle lit and the remote nearby. Oh the cozy goodness that is fall…


sweater  |  shirt  |  hat  |  throw  |  candle  |  matches  |  scarf  |  boots  |  bag  |  pants


What are your cozy day essentials?


What to Wear to a Fashion Show (When You’re Not Olivia Palermo)



If you are even a tiny bit interested in fashion, it’s likely that your emails and newsfeeds have been abuzz this past week with #NYFW updates. And while the Big Apple’s shows wrapped, the fashion events here in Columbus were just being set in motion with last night’s Rowe Boutique fashion show. I couldn’t attend because of work (cue emoji tears), but just seeing the pictures on Rowe Boutique’s Instagram has gotten me really excited about the kickoff of the Columbus fashion season, with upcoming events like next week’s Easton Fashion Night and the UA Fashion Show/Gala, and then, of course, the fashion event of the year, CMH Fashion Week in October!

Fashion shows can be so much fun, but I’ve realized lately that for a lot of us who don’t live in New York or have designer budgets, the thought of attending a high-fashion event might sound exciting but can also induce some style-related anxiety. I mean, if you live in the midwest and work at a school or a bank or in any other more modestly-dressed fields, the thought of having a fashion-forward cocktail ensemble might be a little out of your comfort zone. So with this post I’m really hoping to give you some outfit ideas that work for any fashion-related events, and hopefully might help to ease any stresses that might come along with them.


First up is a pretty obvious choice: GO BOLD! If you’ve always wanted to wear a fringe skirt or a fur clutch, this is the time to spread those fashionable peacocking feathers. Any statement piece you’ve been drawn towards but didn’t think you had anywhere to wear it to, by all means, go for it- this is your moment! Be daring, be creative, be weird, and overall, just be you. The fashion crowd really digs that.


jacket  |  earrings  |   top  |  lipstick  |  skirt  |  shoes  |  bag


But maybe being you has absolutely nothing to do with making trendy statements, and that’s perfectly fine. If you are much happier as a silent observer than posing on the red carpet, then by all means, keep it simple! Minimalism is not only a major trend right now, but being ever-so-slightly under dressed is always cool, and in fact, people might even mistake you for an editor. Keep your look chic and smart and you can do no wrong.


jacket  |  pants  |  bracelet  |  nail polish  |  bag  |  shoes


And lastly, when in doubt: stick with the classics! Wear your most flattering LBD with some always-on-trend accessories, like leopard pumps and a statement necklace, and you’re good to go. No one in the history of the world has ever been hated on for wearing a simple black cocktail dress. No matter the who/what/when/or wheres of the event, it just works. Every time.


jacket  |  dress  |  necklace  |  lipstick  |  bag  |  shoes


And while I hope these outfits give you some inspiration for your own wardrobe, the real advice here is basic (and a little annoying): just wear whatever you love. TV and movies have given the fashion industry this reputation of being really snobby and judgmental, but I find it to actually be quite the opposite. If you have a high-fashion event coming up, obviously try to look your best, but past that- I promise- no one is judging you the way you might imagine. The fashion crowd, and creative people in general, can actually be some of the most open-minded, accepting people in the world. So just do you and you’ll fit right in! :)

But now I want to hear from you! Would you wear any of these looks? What are your most fashionable go-to’s? Share your ideas with us in the comments!


Random Weekly Roundup #46

Did you know that yesterday was National Fight Procrastination Day? I was going to celebrate but I think I’ll just put it off until tomorrow. Hey-O! Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, I’ll be here all week. Try the veal.

But seriously, procrastination is definitely something I’ve struggled with my whole life. And what the real battle is, and a lot of you can probably relate, is that it comes from perfectionism. So I’m not putting stuff off being lazy, it’s really that I’m not getting things done because it can’t or won’t be exactly I’m envisioning in my head. So it’s a constant cycle of feeling really driven and then really disappointed.

But honestly, this blog is a huge help with that, because it’s never perfect. I never have enough money/time/resources to really create the content I want, but I’m still just creating it anyway. And this is really the first time in my life I’ve been able to do that. Happily produce the imperfect, that is. And I think it helps a little to ease the fear of the flaws in other areas of my life. Because there really is no point in letting imperfection hold you back from anything- absolutely no one is noticing all of the things that you are fixating on. No one.

If procrastination is something you struggle with, what do you do to combat it? Share all of your wise tips for productivity in the comments section! But in the meantime, let’s embrace procrastinating in order to put off the more pressing issues and instead take a look at some of my favorite content floating around the interweb this week…



1  Some of the best fashion collaborations this season. Rita Ora x Adidas Originals. MAC x Rocky Horror Picture Show. Converse x Missoni. Yes, yes, yes and show me some more. (Nylon)  |  2  If you, like everyone else, were in love with this summer’s gold tattoo trend, then you’ll love Mr. Kate’s latest Beauty Mark endeavor: watercolor tattoos! And they are beautiful. (Mr. Kate)



3  Ruth Oosterman, artist and blogger at Mischievous Mommy, creates these awesome watercolor paintings from her 2-year-old’s doodles. (Bored Panda)  |  4  And this DIY Tribal Backpack was made with a Sharpie Paint Pen. Boom! Drop the mic. (Alisa Burke)


5  I was so sad to hear about the death of Joan Rivers. It might seem silly, but no matter how much life would get me down at times, she would always crack me up each week on Fashion Police. I love this video of her career highlights and will really miss her sense of humor. There is definitely no one like her and the red carpet will never be the same.

And in case you missed these…

I was so excited to see this post about things to do in my hometown of Dayton on one of my favorite Brooklyn-based blogs. (Design Sponge)

Keri Russell really knows how to rock a striped top. (Le Fashion)

Bill Cunningham’s words of wisdom for the fashion industry. (Fashionista)

And finally, are you an outgoing introvert? I obviously am because these really hit home, especially #1-5. (Introversion Effect)

Speaking of hitting home, if any of these links are doing just that, let’s talk about it- leave me a comment! :)


Currently: September



from The Great Gatsby, image via pinterest


Working on costume sketches for Highball, which you will undoubtedly hear/see more about in the next 2 months.

Reading the September issues! All of them ever. It’s the most wonderful time of the sartorial year.

Watching Californication. Because, you know, I gotta stay hip with 2008. (And Netflix just added the final seasons.)

Listening to Sia. All Sia ever. And in case you missed it, the Chandelier video stars the girl from Dance Moms who I’m pretty sure is trying to inspire the making of The Ring 3.



Making myself do some fall cleaning. The lack of organization in my current situation has gotten a little out of control. I mean every single day I can’t find my shoes, no matter what pair I’m looking for. I’m liking this, this, and this for possible storage solutions.

Eating Haribo Smurfs. #mystrangeaddiction

Thinking about how happy fall candles and cozy throws make me.

Wearing black and white and pink, which would have easily been among my least favorite color combos the past few years, but lately I’m totally obsessed. I’m loving the non-traditional color palette this season.


fashion blogger - Victoria Törnegren

blogger Victoria Tornegren, image via pinterest


Planning on splatter-painting my boyfriend jeans a la this post by Alisa Burke. I looove those “Studio Style” posts because they’re cute but so much closer to I actually wear than most ootd posts.

Feeling spirited. Go Bucks! :)


Now it’s your turn! Answer a few for yourself in the comments section and let’s get to know each other. 


Fall 2014 Trend Report (The Top 10 looks and how to get them for under $100!)

There is nothing like the Midwest during the fall. Nothing. It’s my all-time favorite time of year. And now that September is officially upon us, we can finally see the fall weather coming around the corner. And while I have no doubt that you are fully stocked with pumpkin spice candles and crock pot recipes, I’m wondering- is your wardrobe ready for the new season? This week’s Top 10 is all about the biggest trends of the season and how you can incorporate them into your fall wardrobe for less than $100, so get cozy in your new autumn throw and let’s talk fashion! :)



top  |  pants  |  dress  |  runway

Sweaters are always a fall staple, and this year slouchy tunics and knit flares are the freshest take on the look.



runway  |  dress  |  bag  |  boots

60s-era swing dresses get a kick of downtown cool this season with non-frilly accessories, like the Chelsea boot.



shoes  |  bag  |  dress  |  runway

If you love your neons then you are in luck! This fall is all about the unconventional color palette. And if the brights just don’t feel right, opt for a faux-fur, like on the bag above, to make it seem more weather-appropriate.



runway  |  pants  |  bag  |  sweater

Normcore, or the art of looking average, is having a MAJOR moment in fashion right now. Simple colors, shapes, and an overall lack of decoration looks ultra-modern and sleek.



boots  |  hat  |  wrap  |  runway

Western wear has never looked chicer than when paired with sleek black accessories. This season’s western style is darker and moodier, making it less rodeo and more fashion-forward.



runway  |  dress1  |  pants1  |  dress2  |  pants2

Layering is amped up a notch for a fall with the resurrection of the dress over pants combo. An easy way to try the look is with a dress that has some drape over fitted cigarette trousers.



cardigan  |  shoes  |  bag  |  runway

While fur is pretty much a given for fall, this year’s update comes in the form of plush, cozy shearlings and bold-colored faux furs.



runway  |  bag  |  shoes  |  dress

After several seasons, prints are still thriving. This season the print du jour comes in the form of rave-style, trippy, op-art prints.



top  |  shoes  |  skirt  |  runway

From demure sheer panels to entirely sheer dresses, from mesh panels to peek-a-boo lace, there are so many ways to show some skin this fall.



runway  |  skirt  |  stole  |  sweater

Chunky knits and fair isle prints are the most festive way to stay cozy and warm when the temperatures drop.


What looks are you loving for fall? Will you be incorporating any of these trends into your wardrobe? Let’s talk fall fashion all over the comments section!


Local Love… Althea Harper + Street Style at FMMF

Last weekend marked a big moment for the creative scene in Columbus. FMMF, the Fashion Meets Music Festival, officially launched, spanning several blocks of downtown Columbus and featuring a 3-day lineup loaded with fashion and events and concerts.

Marketed as “the nation’s largest fusion of fashion and music,” the event, though grand in concept, had many snafus, starting with a community protest of the festival’s main headliner, R. Kelly, who was eventually dropped from the lineup. And though there were some gripers on social media and an obviously lower attendance than anticipated, I think this is all par for the course for a first-year event. There have been polar reactions to FMMF, but despite anything you may have or have not heard, I hope that in years to come, FMMF will become a really amazing addition to Columbus.

Circa Survive’s Set. Image via FMMF’s Facebook Page.


Going into the weekend, one thing that I was most excited for was the opportunity to meet and interview Althea Harper, a Dayton-native whom you probably recognize from Project Runway Season 6 and Project Runway All-Stars. She showed the resort collection from her eponymous label at the FMMF Gala Thursday night (the last photo is of the designer herself).

Photo Credit: Tony Bentivegna

Photo Credit: Tony Bentivegna

Photo Credit: Tony Bentivegna

Photo Credit: Tony Bentivegna

Photo Credit: Tony Bentivegna

Photo Credit: Tony Bentivegna

Photo Credit: Tony Bentivegna

Photo Credit: Tony Bentivegna

Photo Credit: Tony Bentivegna

Photo Credit: Tony Bentivegna


One thing I really love about her line is that she creates all of the prints through photographs that she’s taken. This collection, in particular, was created with images of tropical fish in the water.

But I was also just really impressed with her as a human. She was so nice and has such a strong point of view as a designer. Here’s a little bit of our Q&A:

So how would you describe your brand?

I think what maybe sets me apart from other designers is that I always pay attention to a woman’s form. (At Althea Harper), we really combine drape with structure and that tailoring is really evident, I think, in the bathing suit line. That, and the vibrant colors and prints, are really the standout elements of the brand.

And I could see your garments working for a lot of different body types.

Yeah, I love that. I think that’s definitely one of the stronger points of the line. I love doing trunk shows and seeing how the pieces look on different shapes. You have to kind of figure out what works for you as a woman. I don’t want the women that I design for to get noticed for something like “oh my god, that dress is so cool.” I want them to get comments like “you look amazing” or “you look so beautiful.” I want (my garments) to enhance that person, not for them to be a hanger for the clothes.

I’m dying to ask you, because I know you’ve worked with so many incredible designers, have any of them had a particular influence on your work?

Yeah, I think the biggest influence for me was probably working at Alexander McQueen. One of the things they told us working there was that everything should have a purpose. So, like, if you’re going to do a bow somewhere, don’t just put a bow on a dress to make it look cute, have that bow have a meaning, like to hold the strap together. It just makes the design so much stronger. And you’ll see it in (Alexander McQueen’s work), like if there’s bead work, it’s done to engineer the body. And another thing was just the way that he treated people. A lot of times, I think when you work for an idol, you know, someone that you look up to, your expectations a lot of times are let down. And then when someone is actually really nice and really talented you kind of leave with more respect, and that’s how I felt working there.

So as someone who is also from Dayton and knowing that there is not exactly a fashion industry there, I’m very impressed with you and how you’ve been able to build your brand over the years. Do you have any advice for people, Midwestern or not, who are trying to get into fashion?

I think you have to hone in a little bit. Like I’m focusing on Resort wear. I also love doing blazers and more evening-wear things, but you can’t be all over the place. You have to hone in on one thing and then keep it consistent. Because I think that’s the thing a lot of times with designers- they have collections all over the place, but then it’s like “but what are you known for?” It’s hard to start out a lifestyle brand. It’s much easier to start out a niche and then expand from there. I think that’s the biggest thing with branding, like just keep it tight and then you can always grow.


You can see a little more from FMMF on my Instagram. And while I spent the majority of the weekend at the fashion events in work mode, I did venture out to a few concerts on Sunday and snapped a few Street Style pics.

(Click to enlarge.)

A big thank you to the people behind FMMF, Althea Harper, and my Street Style stars! I had a great time!

Did you attend FMMF? Tell me your experience in the comments!


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