Splurge vs. Steal: Chic Ways to Bundle Up

I was hit with a harsh realization the other day. While spelunking into my tiny car through the passenger side in order to force my frozen driver side door open, I had to face the facts. My beloved fall is officially over.

And now that we’re smack dab in the middle of icy cold climates (at least here in Ohio), we have two choices: we can hibernate or we can bundle up and soldier on. While I am a generally a big fan of the former, most days we don’t have a choice. But luckily this season has some of the most exciting cold weather options I’ve seen in a long time. My favorite of all is the muppet coat, deemed the “it girl” coat of the season. And the good news is you don’t need an it girl budget to pick one up!

Here are some of my favorite cold weather trends this season- can you tell which pieces are designer and which ones are their thrifty counterparts?



gloves  a  &  b  |  coat  a  &  b  |  scarf  a  &  b  |  hat  a  &  b  |  boots  a  &  b


How’d you do?! Let’s talk scores in the comments!



Random Weekly Roundup #53

I took it really easy last week when it came to blogging (re: I slacked). I was mentally exhausted and really needed to recharge. I think a lot of it has to do with being introverted. Sometimes I find even the thought of checking my Facebook notifications way more taxing than it actually is. I think every once in a while I just need complete solitude to recharge. I’m wondering if you extroverts ever feel like that, too? Or is it the exact opposite?

Anyway, I had a light week socially and then went out of town for the weekend. I visited my family in Dayton and got to spend some relaxing quality time with them and it was exactly what I needed! And since I missed my regular roundup yesterday, I wanted to go ahead and share it today. Better late than never, right?


1  Despite all visual evidence to the contrary, Leonardo DiCaprio turned 40 last week! Take a handsome walk down memory lane with this look at his 10 best roles. (Who What Wear)  |  2  I love this modern twist on a festive DIY mani. Perfect for the holidays! (Studio DIY)

*Side note: The similarity of these images was entirely unintentional but made me very, very happy.



3  I love this idea! Local artist, Katie Barron, created The Columbus Ohio Coloring and Activity Book featuring favorite spots around the city. (Girl About Columbus)  |  4  And in case you missed them, the most beautiful DIY ring dishes. Man, these girls are geniuses. (A Beautiful Mess)


5  I want to check out everything on this list of must-see Netflix documentaries, but “Good Ol’ Freda,” about the secretary for the Beatles, tops my list. (Cupcakes & Cashmere)


And don’t miss these…

The best boots. (Garance Dore)

The perfect DIY upgrade for my fading black denim. (I Spy DIY)

How many of these are you doing correctly? Common stumbling blocks for writers. (Medium)

A lovely DIY that would make great gifts, especially for moms. (Enjoy It)

And nothing is more exciting than reading that my hair’s natural state happens to be right on trend. Go on crazy hair- it’s your day! (The Beauty Department)


Loving any of these links? Let’s chat about them in the comments!


Top 10 Tuesday… Sparkle & Shine

I have always been a friend to the sequins. You know those people that don’t like things that sparkle because they think they’re too flashy or tacky or draw too much attention? Yeah, I never understood those people. In my bedazzled book, the more sequins the better!

And fashion seems to agree as lately sequins are showing up on everything from tees to footwear. And although I love a good holiday sparkle, you no longer have to wait for an excuse to shine: sequins for the everyday are not only appropriate, but perfectly on trend. I’ve gathered up some of my favorite pieces, so go ahead, get out your jazz hands and shine on you crazy diamond.


1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10


What’s your take on this look? Love it or leave it? Let your voice be heard in the comments section!


Random Weekly Roundup #52

Wow! 52 weeks of roundups! That’s a whole lot of links! It also equals a year’s worth of sharing, give or take a few missed weeks. So on this special occasion, let’s take some time to evaluate. Is this a post you all love? Should I keep it up for 52 more or does it need a little remix? A little face lift? Give your thoughts/comments/suggestions- I’d love to hear from you!

And now to my most liked of all the links this week…



1  Long hair, don’t care. I think I’ve finally found my spirit animal in this Shakira-esque Gypsy Vanner Horse. Check out the entire list of animals with majestic hair. It doesn’t disappoint. (Bored Panda)  |  2  I thought this Vogue UK editorial, Amongst the Bohemians, was really inspiring with all of the beautiful textures and colors. (Honestly WTF)



3  If your wardrobe needs a little boost, these 3-second styling tricks are so smart and simple and will leave you looking like a fashion pro. (Who What Wear)  |  4  And if you like your inspiration in home decor form, check out what these amazing bloggers did in just six weeks for the One Room Challenge- so amazing! (Calling It Home)


5  And if you haven’t already binge watched your life away, every episode of the second season of City.Ballet is available and it’s addicting. Here’s a preview… (AOL)


Need more things to look at?…

Two of the prettiest makeup looks to try. (The Zoe Report)

I LOVE these fawn walls. (The Hunted Interior)

NYE outfits meet your match made in heaven: Cara x Topshop. (We Heart Fashion)

This is my favorite look I think I’ve ever seen. (Chapter Friday)

This (gluten-free!) cake looks amazing and this is a great DIY for your old sweaters. (A Beautiful Mess)


Happy new week, friends!


Currently: November




Watching fall tv!! My happiest time of year! New shows I’m loving: How to Get Away with Murder, Marry Me, and Selfie. Plus the old faves: New Girl and The Mindy Project, which I watch and then re-watch every week. (They’re even funnier the second time around.)

Reading among the masses- Yes, Pleaseand Not That Kind of Girl.

Working out more than ever and really feeling all of the aches and pains.

Listening to Deepak and Oprah ease me into meditation everyday as part of the Energy of Attraction series. I have to really force myself to do it daily, but I’m already loving the results.

Making mood boards and sketches for future projects. 

Eating soup and grilled cheese. Mmmmm….

Thinking a lot about color palettes. I’m feeling a push towards quiet neutrals and even all white/cream looks, which is really confusing the entire core of my being.

Wearing my “new” thrift store boots (the best find!) and my fave grungy army coat.

Planning for the holidays! I’m actually almost completely done with shopping and then it’s time for my all-time favorite activity- gift wrapping!

Feeling relaxed. October was so busy that I’m really reveling in the ability to be calm and focus on one thing at a time. Or maybe that’s just thanks to Deepak. Namaste.


 What’s on your Currently list this month? Pick a topic or two and tell me all about it!


3 Ways to Wear it… The Slouchy Sweater

Not that slouchy sweaters were ever not on trend- they are, after all, almost perfect. They’re comfy, cozy, and conceal pretty much anything your heart (or love handles) desire. But this season, if sweater dressing were an Olympic sport, they’d be sticking the landing and taking gold. Here, three ways to style your new knitted BFF…

the sweater (also available in plus)
look 1:  hat  |  scarf  |  jeans  |  bag  |  boots
look 2:  ear cuff  |  necklace  |  skirt  |  bag  |  boots
look 3:  hat  |  necklace  |  pants  |  bag  |  shoes


Which look is your favorite?


Random Weekly Roundup #51


I hope you all had a great weekend. I spent most of mine with my lil sis having the best weekend ever. There were chocolate chip cookies and Tim Riggins involved so enough said. What else was cool this week? Glad you asked and please enjoy…

1  Put on Belinda Carlisle’s “Heaven is a Place on Earth” and check out this look into the other-worldly closet of Charlotte Olympia Dellal. (The Coveteur)  |  2  My favorite DIY I’ve seen in a while. I’m sensing the need for a Friendship & Fashion Day Part Deux… (I Spy DIY)


3  I love snail mail and these handmade envelopes make a personalized note that much more special. (Oh Happy Day)  |  2  This guy is the Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year and he’s only nine years old! Wait until you see his work… (Bored Panda)


And in case you missed it…


Some more goods…


It’s called “Bitch Perfect” and it just might be the perfect lipstick shade. (Nordstrom)

I can’t believe these are only $48. (Francesca’s)

Yes, Please is right! I need to get my mitts on a copy- stat! (Amazon)

Are you following this hilarious Instagrammer? (Instagram)

And my beautiful neighborhood fabric store is celebrating it’s 2 year anniversary. If your local you should definitely check it out. (Dabble & Stitch)


Well, my fiance who fell asleep in our big living room chair is now laughing. Out loud. In his sleep. If that’s not an unsettling sign that I need to wrap this up, I don’t know what is.

Until next time!


Let’s Talk About… Regimens

I love a good system. A schedule. A list to cross off. They don’t always work for me and I don’t always follow through 100%, but consistently jumping into a challenge is the only thing that keeps me (arguably) from being a complete mess.

Lately I’ve been particularly fond of two bloggers that are creating awesome challenges that help me strive for the life I want. So in case you’re like me, with a daily to-do list, a cleaning schedule, and even a rotating thrift shopping schedule, I wanted to share these gems I’ve found.

And if you really like one, leave me a comment and we can go through the programs together!


Cassie Ho of Blogilates‘ Pop Pilates Workout Calendar


I will never, ever be one of those people who loves working out (who are those people and what planet are they from?). But I will always be one of those people who has to work out a lot. It’s hard work to look this out of shape, haha.

But that’s why I’m so obsessed with this program. Cassie makes everything really fun. Her workouts are hard but they’re short (about 8-12 min.) so you can do your daily videos all at once or spread them out. I find myself much more willing to do five different ten minute workouts than a 50 minute one, which even though I recognize the equality here, just seems like such a commitment.


Plus, they’re different everyday. And I noticed results in the first week. Everything felt lifted a little higher, if you know what I’m saying. Bonus: There are also recipes that are super low-cal and work for a lot of dietary restrictions (gluten free in the house!).


 You can access all of the awesomeness here and see all the videos on her YouTube channel here.


Hilary Rushford of Dean Street Society‘s #StyleMe Challenge

I’ve talked about this before and if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a few StyleMe hashtags on my photos, but I just love these prompts!


As someone who mainly freelances, I have a tendency to work in sweats and no makeup a lot, only getting ready when something requires me to do so. But whenever I’m in one of those slumps, I notice it makes me feel kind of sad and my overall energy level tends to drag. Pushing myself to participate in each daily prompt really gets me excited about getting dressed and posting on Instagram (another thing I need a push to stay motivated with).


Plus Hilary herself is just very cute and inspiring. In her Style & Stylability series she gives styling tips and lessons that are just so smart. I usually tend to find those things to be a little boring, feeling like I can anticipate all the tips (like no duh a belt creates an hourglass), but she has some really valuable advice and a very interesting perspective.


That click won’t work, by the way. The videos are time-sensitive, so you’ll want to subscribe to check them out. You can do so on her blog here. I am signed up for all her newsletters and they never disappoint.


I try to follow these programs every month but have yet to have a month where I don’t miss any days, so that is my goal for November! Anyone with me? If either of these look like fun challenges to you, leave me a comment and we can track our progress together! Here’s to tighter bods and better outfits! ;)


5 Super Last-Minute Costume Ideas You Can Find in Your Own Closet

Maybe you haven’t looked at a calendar since September or maybe you’ve been on a space mission that just landed yesterday- I don’t know. I don’t know your life. But if your first thought this morning was “Oh crap- tomorrow’s Halloween!” well then, my friend, this is the post for you. Today I’m answering the procrastinator’s prayer and offering up my best last-minute costume ideas using things you’ve probably already got hanging in your closet. With a couple of strategic clothing selections, you can transform into any of these iconic film characters and no one will ever know you almost forgot the best holiday of the year.





*While I realize you likely don’t have a “Seniors” shirt in your closet, you can easily make one with some iron-on letters or a Sharpie marker.


What’s your best costume idea to throw together in a pinch? Share your genius with us in the comments!


Local Love… HighBall Halloween

It’s been several days since my last post, but I have good reason. I was really busy this past weekend


For those of you who aren’t from the Columbus area or aren’t familiar with the event, HighBall is a 2-day extravaganza that supports the Short North Alliance which in turn supports property and business owners in our Short North Arts District.

The first night focuses on street costumes and musical performances. This year’s theme was THE BIG 80s and there were some pretty spectacular costumes. Here are a few of my favorites from the HighBall Facebook page…

That Gameboy costume, through some form of costume wizardry, was actually fully functioning and people could even play Tetris on it. Incredible!

The night capped off with a performance by 80s star Taylor Dayne, who my roller skating childhood heart will always know as this…



The second night hosted the annual Costume Couture Fashion Show, featuring local fashion and costume designers, where yours truly, with the help of my co-designer, Shiree Houf, took 1st place!!

The idea is to present three “ready-to-wear” looks (amplified to fit the event obviously) followed by a main costume. Our collection was called Dolled Up and told the story of a pair of conjoined twins and their dolls/puppets.


Model Kristin Laymon as our Ragdoll. She did this little skip walk down the runway that was just adorable.



Angela Darr as our Windup Ballerina. She had a motorized spinning key and spun down the runway on point.



Wendy Jobes Hartman was our Harlequin doll. And I know I’m showing you a picture of her butt here, but this picture really shows you all of the details of the outfit. She was such a trooper- from wearing a black out screen over her eye for most of the day to having that hairpiece sewn into her head. She’s a total pro!



And lastly, our costume piece, the conjoined twins featuring models Jessica Gould and Abby Bowman.



 And speaking of troopers, these girls not only had to be attached to each other for over two hours, but also literally carried this behemoth of costume on their shoulders. They were so great!!



If you look closely, the puppets are wearing the same outfits, hair, and makeup as their real-life model counterparts.



From the back. Walking slowly but surely.



And the end of a long and exciting day. From left to right: Model Jessica Gould, myself, Co-designer Shiree Houf, and Model Abby Bowman.


Honestly, I’m still in a little bit of shock that we won. I mean look at this amazing competition!…


 A big thanks to my design partner, Shiree Houf, for counteracting my tendency to over think everything, for sewing like the wind, and for being the mastermind behind the structure for that skirt. We made a great team! Thank you to Phia Salon and  Reverse Vanity Spa for rocking out the hair and makeup and always being so awesome to work with. And to Stephanie Stein, Betsy Pandora, the Short North Alliance, and everyone else involved for all of the hard work that goes into making an event like this a success. Thank you for letting us take part. It was an incredible experience!


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